Thinking Further Ahead

Modus Complete is a company dedicated to the design, construction, engineering, marketing, supply, production and installation of furniture and equipment, as well as maintenance services in the laboratory and hospital areas.

Our Mission

Lab Planning

Lab and Hospital Furniture

Clean Rooms

We Are Always Ahead

At Modus Complete, we believe that sustained success is achieved when an organization attracts and
retains the trust of customers and other stakeholders. This is only possible by presenting solutions with
the highest possible quality and with the maximum flexibility, in order to customize products seeking to
meet the satisfaction of its customers.

Finished projects

In 2023 we started and finished a record number of projects.


We are presente around the world.

Satisfied Clients

We achieved a satisfaction level of almost 100%.

Support and realization

Based on our motto “THINKING FURTHER AHEAD” we want to be the necessary support for the realization of each project.
Our main objective is to respond to the increasingly complex needs associated with laboratory and health spaces.

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