About Us

MODUSCOMPLETE distinguishes itself as a company with excellent service in the laboratory and hospital areas. Thanks to the technical knowledge we acquired throughout several years of experience in the field, combined with the synergy of specialized partners recognized in their areas of activity, we are able to implement the best solutions for your projects.


Principles and values

At MODUSCOMPLETE we believe that success is achieved when an organization attracts and retains the confidence of its customers. That is all possible when we present personalized solutions, with maximum quality and flexibility, seeking not only to meet our customers’ expectations but also to exceed them.

With a strong commitment to the training, development, integrity and appreciation of our employees, we seek to equip the entire structure with the resources, skills and activities so that the organization
successfully implements the strategy assumed, depending on the needs of our customers and the commitments assumed with these.



Quality, sustainability, and innovation. We start from these three values when we plan, develop, construct, equip, validate, and perform maintenance in the lab and hospital areas. We base our work on modularity, flexibility, and safety, without ever neglecting current and future needs, with the highest standards of quality, sustainability, and innovation.


For us to maintain the degree of excellence in our projects, we focus on the training, development, integrity, and strengthening of our employees, thus providing our entire structure with the resources and skills for the organization to successfully accomplish the agreed strategy, according to the needs of our customers and the commitments we agree to with them.

We moreover rely on synergistic relationships with specialized and globally recognized partners.


To maintain and strengthen MODUSCOMPLETE as a leading company in the laboratory and hospital areas, designing and developing labs and rooms with controlled environments, with quality, sustainability, and always fulfilling applicable security requirements, laws, and regulations.

Management Policy

MODUSCOMPLETE operates seeking excellence in quality and reduction of environmental impacts in all its activities, with the objective of continuously satisfying all of its customers, employees, suppliers, and other interested parties, grounding itself based on the following principles and directives:

  • Customer Satisfaction: understanding of current and future needs, meeting or even exceeding their expectations, maintaining a relationship of trust;
  • Solid and transparent relationship with suppliers: guaranteeing that the latter have processes, products, and services that are aligned with company policy;
  • Respect, commitment, and appreciation: promoting the continuous well-being, development and professional training of its employees;
  • Ensuring organizational knowledge: needed in order to respond to changes in internal and external contexts;
  • Continuous analysis of risks and opportunities: related to system efficiency, in order to adapt products and services that are intended to take advantage of opportunities and prevent undesired results;
  • Be receptive to changes: promoting a culture of continuous process improvement, environmental performance, products and services adapting to the reality of the market and of the company;
  • Prevent and minimize the organization’s environmental impact;
  • Promote good practices in the use of available resources: in order to guarantee the sustainable development of the organization; Creation of wealth for workers and stockholders; Compliance with applicable standards, agreements, and legislation.